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EQ Pixie is a multifunction utility for EverQuest 1 and 2.

EQ Pixie is a single program with many tools to assist you and give you more power while playing EQ2 and/or EQ1. It is very easy to install and use. For a mostly complete list of all the features, with detailed descriptions, please see the EQ Pixie Manual.

DPS table and DPS graph in-game in real-timeYY
Paste DPS to chatYY
"In-game" toolbar (see right)YY
Loot listYY
Wish list / alertYY
Location finder toolYY
Fast item web lookupYY
Windows switching, gamma-restoreYY
Copy character settings toolYY
Away modeYY
Panic button (boss key)YY
Rare harvest alertsY
Spell & ability listY
Spell timersY
Run on same PC as EQ or over a networkYY
SoE EULA conformanceYY
Real-time DPS Graph
DPS Plot
DPS Alert
Real-time In-game DPS Meter
Main Control
Main Control
Use Your MP3 Player While Full Screen
Real-time DPS Table
Real-time DPS Graph

EverQuest bombards the player with messages and contains amazing amounts of information. EQ Pixie gathers and monitors information for you (without violating the EULA) and notifies you of the important events you have selected. It allows you to more easily keep track of the game and your characters. It contains a variety of useful tools and allows you to quickly view and lookup information about things in the game.

I wrote EQ Pixie to make EverQuest more fun for everyone, so it had to be easy to use. Pixie is very easy to install and updates itself automatically. It is completely user-interface (UI) driven, so you don't need to edit any files. In fact, one reason I wrote it was to deal with EverQuest's files less.

EQ Pixie runs alongside EverQuest on the same PC and takes up few resources. For those that want to, it can also be run across a network. It is partly a log parser but does much more. If you run EverQuest, you can run EQ Pixie.

The best way to see how Pixie can assist you is to try it for FREE. Installation is very easy.

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