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EQ Pixie Manual - Copy Character Settings

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Copy Character Settings

Copy Character Settings is available by pressing on the Main Control and then .

This tool allows you to copy your user interface customizations, including UI skins, from one character to another. In EQ1 you can also optionally copy your friends, ignored people, and hotkeys. In EQ2 those seem to be saved on the server and can't be copied.

Warning: The original settings of the "To" character will be lost. For example, if you select Friends to be copied then the "To" character's current friends will be lost. If you copy other things and don't choose Friends then the "To" character will keep their original Friends.

Important: If you are playing the "To" character you should camp to character select or log out of EQ before copying the settings. If you copy settings while playing the "To" character then the results are unpredictable.

From Select the character you want to copy the settings from.
To Select the character you want to copy the settings to.
Friends EQ1 - Copy the friends list.
Ignored people EQ1 - Copy the ignore list.
Hot buttons, socials EQ1 - Copy hotkeys and macros.
Window positions, UI skins, colors, etc. EQ1 and EQ2 - Copy all the other user interface settings not listed above.
Copy the selected settings between the selected characters.
Do not do anything and exit.

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