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EQ Pixie Manual - DPS Table

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You can bring up the DPS Table by presssing the DPS buttons on the Main Control or the Toolbar, and selecting it from the pop-up menu:

The table is a standard list control. You can resize the window and columns, allowing you to easily make the table smaller than below. For the basics of using it see Window's List Views.

DPS Table

DPS In Chat For Others To See

You can show the DPS table to other players. It is automatically copied to the MS Windows clipboard 5 seconds after the end of the fight (to make sure it's really the end). In EQ2 you can press Ctrl-V to paste the table to the chat window. For EQ1 you may need to go to the "EQ Options" (Alt O), "Keys" tab, "UI" category, and put in a key for "Paste from Clipboard".

Who is in the Table

Your current character is always in the table. Other people are automatically added to the list when they join your group or say something in group. They are automatically removed when they leave the group, or when you leave the group. I will soon add the same option for raids. You can also use the buttons on the DPS Table to add and remove people manually.

The "- All -" row shows the totals for all the people in the table.

Table Columns

You can effectively remove a column by resizing it to nothing. You can also re-order the columns.

OutDmgCurrent FightOutput (inflicted) damage running total.
OutDPSLast 10 secondsOutput (inflicted) damage in last 10 seconds / 10 seconds.
InDmgCurrent FightInward (taken) damage running total.
InDPSLast 10 secondsInward (taken) damage in last 10 seconds / 10 seconds.
LOutDmgLast FightOutput (inflicted) damage total.
LOutDPSOutput (inflicted) damage total / duration of the fight.
LInDmgInward (taken) damage total.
LInDPSInward (taken) damage total / duartion of the fight.

DPS of Enemy

The InDmg, InDPS, LInDmg, and LInDPS in the "All" row are the damage from your opponents, which is their damage output.

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