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EQ Pixie Manual - Boxing

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What is Boxing?

Boxing is running two or more games at the same time. They can be the same game, which is usually done to control 2 or more characters in one world. This is the most common form of boxing. They can also be different games. The games can be on the same computer or different computers. EQ Pixie can help you box multiple instances of EQ1 and/or EQ2 on the same computer.

Sony requires one account for each simultaneous game being played. This means that you can not play characters from the same account at the same time. Each character being played at the same time has to be from a different account. This is a limitation set by Sony.

How to Box

EQ Pixie helps you switch between the games and control how they appear. You only need to run one copy of EQ Pixie to do this.

Switching Between Games

EQ Pixie provides two ways to switch between games. Use whichever you like best:

  1. Press the customizable hotkeys.
  2. Click the toolbar buttons labeled 1, 2, 3, 4.

Controlling How Games Appear

EQ Pixie allows you to control how the games appear on the screen and what they do when you switch in and out of them. There are many layout choices: full screen, windowed, tiled, tiled oversized, picture-in-picture, 1 per monitor, and span all monitors. All of these options are explained and controlled in the Game Windows options.

How It Works

I don't want to give away secrets. Can you blame me? However, EQ Pixie does not do anything with the game binaries (on disk or in memory) and does not use Direct X. This means patches to the game rarely affect EQ Pixie.

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