EQ Pixie Manual - Other Programs While Full Screen
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EQ Pixie Manual - Other Programs While Full Screen

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Keeping The Other Program Visible

This explains how you can use other programs, such as your favorite MP3 player, while playing full screen. There are two important keys to making this work:

  1. The other program needs to be set to Stay On Top or Always On Top. At the moment this setting is totally up to the other program and not all programs have this ability.
  2. One time only: Tell EQ Pixie to make the game full screen by selecting Options > Game Windows > Window Size > Full Screen. See the Game Windows help for more info. Do not press Alt+Enter in the game to go full screen (the reason is explained in the Overview).

You can of course use other programs while playing in windowed mode, or any of the other Window Size settings in the Game Windows options.

Using The Other Program

EverQuest I

To use the other program you have to get EverQuest to release the mouse. The easiest way to do this is to press the customizable EQ Pixie toolbar hotkey, which is the Pause | Break key by default. (See HotKey Options for more info.) Once the mouse is released you click the other program to give it focus and use it like normal. Just click on EverQuest to switch back.

EverQuest II

Move the mouse to the other program, click on it to give it focus, and use it. Just click on EverQuest II to switch back.

Winamp Example

Click Always On Top in the Winamp menu as shown below:

To make Winamp smaller click the button shown above on it's upper-right corner.

Winamp is a trademark of Nullsoft.

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