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EQ Pixie Manual - Login & Your Account

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The Login window appears when you first start EQ Pixie. It is used to log EQ Pixie into eqpixie.com and verify your account. The following buttons are for illustration and do not do anything.

Username Enter your EQ Pixie username from when you subscribed. This is not your EverQuest username.
Password Enter your EQ Pixie password from when you subscribed. This is not your EverQuest password.
Save password and auto login.Use the same username and password to automatically log you in next time. You should only use this on home or private PCs because your password is saved on your computer and could be read by others.
Login and use EQ Pixie.
Cancel login and quit EQ Pixie.

Once auto login is enabled the Login window will log you on and disappear automatically. If you need to access the Login window to change your login:

  1. Press on the Main Control.
  2. Press on the Tools Menu.

Forgotten or Lost Username / Password

If you can't remember your login information then you can have them emailed to you. For security this will only be sent to your email address on file at EQ Pixie. If this email address is not valid then of course this won't work. In that case plaese contact me using the Contact Form. Be sure to specify a valid email address so that I can reply to you.

Your Email Address and Privacy

Your email address will only be used to reply to you or send you account information. I hate spam and will not give anyone your email address except under extreme circumstances, such as inquiries from legal authorities. Please see the Privacy Policy for more details.

Changing Your Password or Email Address

To change your password or email address simply login to your account and visit your Account page. From there you can can click Password & Profile to change them.

Account Status and Renewal

To check your account status or renew (which is cheap!) simply login to your account and visit your Account page. From there you can can select a subscription period and make your payment securely at PayPal. No PayPal account is needed and your account details will only be known by PayPal. If you have any questions or concerns then please Contact Me or take a look at the FAQ. I think EQ Pixie is well worth the small fee.

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