EQ Pixie Manual - Loot & Wish Lists
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EQ Pixie Manual - Loot & Wish Lists

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List Basics

This window shows your Loot and Wish Lists. You open it by pressing on the Main Control. You can switch between them by clicking the tabs labeled "Loot" and "Wish" at the top of the window. I've written some extra help for those that aren't familiar with using Window's List Views.

Double click items in the Loot and Wish Lists to quickly look them up on the web.

Loot List

This is a list of every item looted by you, your group, and/or your raid. It is automatically updated as items are looted. In EQ2 items you harvest will also be listed.

Here is the information displayed about each item:
ItemThe name of the item.
LooterWho looted it.
TimeWhen it was looted.
WishContains an X if the item is on your wish list.
ZoneWhat zone it was looted in.
FromIn EQ2 this shows what the item was looted from.

Wish List

Put items you want in this list. Two things happen when one of the items on the list is looted. First, an alert message pops up to let you know something you want was just looted. See the Alert Options for details. Second, the item is marked with an "x" in the Wish column of the Loot List and in the Loot column of the Wish List. Your wish list is automatically saved and loaded when you exit and start EQ Pixie. All characters on a server share one wish list so one character can get items for another one.

EverQuest - You will also be alerted if you click on an item on your wish list while browsing a vendor (NPC) or trader (player).

EverQuest II - You will be alerted if you harvest or loot a "rare" and it will be marked with an "R". See the bottom of this page for a list of the rares.

ItemThe name of the item.
CommentYour personal comment or reminder.
LootContains an "x" if the item has been looted.


Many of the buttons perform an action with an item. For those buttons you should select the item in the list and then press the button.

Look up an item on the web. You can also do this by double clicking the item.
EQ1 - Get an item's price info from eqpixie.com.
Loot List - Add the item to your wish list.
Wish List - Manually add an item to your wish list.
Edit the selected item.
Delete the selected item.
Delete all the items in the current list.
Select a previously saved list to load. The contents of the current list will be lost.
Save the current list to a file of your choosing.

EQ2 Rares

Here is the list of rares that EQ Pixie will alert you about. It is case independent. If you know of one I'm missing then please Contact Me. Thanks.

average quality badger pelt
blackened iron cluster
bone wood
bronze cluster
cobalt cluster
copper cluster
dandelion fiber
excellent quality animal pelt
feysteel cluster
high quality deer pelt
low quality mole rat pelt
medium quality badger pelt
palladium cluster
raw dandelion
rough coral
rough jasper
rough lapis lazuli
rough pearl
ruthenium cluster
saguaro roots
severed alder
severed bones
severed fir
severed ironwood
severed oak
silver cluster
sisal strands
steel cluster
vanadium cluster

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