EQ Pixie Manual - Main Control
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EQ Pixie Manual - Main Control

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New to Pixie?

Please read the Introduction for important information about using Pixie.

Main Display

The display at the top of the main control shows your current character's name, server, and zone.

Main Buttons

These are the buttons at the top of the main control.

Displays this help.
Exits EQ Pixie. Does not exit EverQuest.
Allows you to view and change all the options for Pixie.
Brings up a menu with more of Pixie's Tools.

Tool Windows

Pressing these buttons generally shows or hides the corresponding window. If a button appears pressed in then that window is already being shown. If a button is inactive then it means that feature isn't (yet) available for your version of EverQuest.

Shows the Loot and Wish Lists window.
Shows the Lookup Window, which shows conversation text in EQ and lets you highlight item names to look them up.
EQ1: Shows a list of all the spells and abilities for your class and marks the ones you have already.
EQ1: Shows timers of your current buffs.
Shows the Locator, which aids in finding locations.
Shows the Alert Window so you can move and resize it.

EQ Control

These buttons interact with EQ in some way.

Starts a copy of EQ from the EverQuest folder you specified in the options (or during installation). You do not have to start EQ this way. You can start, stop, or restart all copies of EQ at anytime like you normally would and Pixie will detect them. On the other hand you can also have Pixie start EQ automatically when you run Pixie (see the options). It's all up to you.
Shuts down EQ. If you can, you should exit EQ normally instead. After prompting if you are sure, this will stop EQ immediately, without it saving data. This can be useful if EQ is hung, or in an emergency.
Default Hotkey: Ctrl + Shift + Enter. Toggle Away mode on and off. When Away mode is on Pixie will monitor what people say in EQ. If you receive a tell, or your character's name is mentioned, then a sound will be played and an alert will pop-up displaying the message. Away mode automatically follows your in-game AFK status. If you go AFK then Away mode turns on. It turns off when you are no longer AFK. You can also press a customizable hotkey to turn Away mode on and off (see the Options).
Default Hotkey: Ctrl + Shift + Space (panic on) and Ctrl + Shift + Backspace (panic off). This button starts the Panic Mode, which makes EQ and Pixie disappear.

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