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EQ Pixie Manual - Hotkeys

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Here are Pixie's default hotkeys and what they do. You can easily customize them. If you play EQ2 then you don't have to use hotkeys because you can just click on the toolbar if you set it to stay on top. If you play EQ1 then you really need to know the toolbar hotkey. The hotkeys marked by an * are for those who want to multi-box (play multiple characters at once).

Desired ResultDefault HotkeyDescription
Use ToolbarPause / BreakShow toolbar and release mouse.
Switch to WindowsCtrl + Shift + F1Hide EQ and switch to Windows.
Switch to PixieCtrl + Shift + F2Same but also bring Pixie to the front.
Switch to EQCtrl + Shift + 1Brings EQ to the foreground.
* Switch to EQ #2Ctrl + Shift + 2Switch to second copy of EQ.
* Switch to EQ #3Ctrl + Shift + 3Switch to third copy of EQ.
* Switch to EQ #4Ctrl + Shift + 4Switch to fourth copy of EQ.
Away Mode ToggleCtrl + Shift + EnterTurns Away Mode on and off.
Panic/Boss Mode OnCtrl + Shift + SpaceTurns Panic Mode on.
Panic/Boss Mode OffCtrl + Shift + BackspaceTurns Panic Mode off.


To customize the hotkeys press on the Main Control and then select Hotkeys in the list on the left. You will then see the page below. Simply click on the hotkey you want to change and press the new key combination for it. Press to restore all the hotkeys to the defaults listed above. While this option page is open the hotkeys will not function.

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