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EQ Pixie Manual - Game Windows

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Game Windows

These options control how the game window(s) appear, including what happens when you switch out of a game to use Windows or another game. They are available by pressing on the Main Control and selecting Game Windows in the list on the left. Note: Pixie will behave like older versions if the recommended settings are selected.

The numbers in the "Game Size" and "Games" columns are updated according to your system settings. The screenshot shows the options for a test system with 2 monitors set to 1024 x 768 and 640 x 480. The "Games" column indicates how many games you would normally use that mode for. * indicates the default and recommended values.


These options control the layout and size of the game windows.

Full Screen* Makes games full screen while you are using them.
Windowed Leaves games in their default windowed mode. You can place and size the windows as you please. By default EQ2 let's you resize the window by dragging the edges. You resize EQ1 by changing the resolution in it's options.
Tiled Each game gets 1/4 of the screen.
Tiled Oversized Each game gets 1/4 of the screen, but the one you are using is enlarged.
Picture-In-Picture The game you are using is full screen and the others are made tiny near the top. When you switch games the new one is made full screen.
One Per Monitor Each game is displayed on it's own monitor. This obviously requires multiple monitors and is grayed out if you only have one.
Span All Monitors The game you are using fills up all your monitors. This obviously requires multiple monitors and is grayed out if you only have one.

When EQ1 is full screen it will generally look best if you have it set to the same resolution as Windows, but this is not necessary. EQ2 adjusts it's own resolution so you don't need to worry about this. For technical information please see the Appendix: EverQuest's Screen Modes.


These options control what happens when you switch between windows.

When I hotkey out of a game:
Minimize It* Pixie will minimize the game you leave when you switch games or to Windows. This can reduce clutter and the load on your computer because it won't have to render all the windows at the same time.
Leave It Open Leaves the game window open. You can still minimize it yourself.

Restore the brightness for the window I'm using:
Gamma Restore* If you've switched out of EverQuest to use Windows you probably noticed that Windows appears too bright or dark while EverQuest is running. Pixie takes care of that by automatically adjusting the gamma depending on what window you are using. Pixie will remember the gamma of Windows and your game.

No Changes

It is easy to configure Pixie so it won't make any changes to the game windows or the gamma. From the above options simply choose "Windowed" and "Leave It Open", and also uncheck "Gamma Restore".

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