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If you don't find the information you were looking for then please Contact Me.

How much is EQ Pixie?
2 weeksFREEOnce
1 month$4$4 / mo
3 months$9$3 / mo
6 months$17$2.83 / mo
I believe you'll find that EQ Pixie is well worth the modest fee. A 1 month subscription is $4, instead of $3, because PayPal charges per transaction. It costs more to process 3 transactions over 3 months, than 1 transaction in 3 months.
Does the free trial require a credit card or other billing information?
Nope. You only need a working email address.
My free trial is up. How do I subscribe?
Just login above right and then click on the "Account" button. Look for the "Subscribe / Renew" box.
How are payments handled? Is it secure?
Payments are made at PayPal's secure website. You will be forwarded to EQ Pixie's checkout page at PayPal where you can make a secure payment by Visa, MC, Discover, Amex, or eCheck. You don't need a PayPal account and only PayPal will see your account information. PayPal notifies EQ Pixie of your payment, which will activate your account automatically.
I forgot my password and/or username. What do I do?
Go to the Login Page. Where it says "Forgot your password?" enter either your username or the email address you signed up with. Your information will be emailed to you. If you are still having problems then Contact Me.
Does it contain advertising or adware?
No. EQ Pixie is supported entirely by membership fees. There is no advertising in the EQ Pixie software. It does not install any marketing software or web links. There are buttons within the software that allow quick lookups of informantion, like item stats, on other websites. This is intended to assist users and is not meant as advertising.
Will I receive spam if I give my email address?
No. The only email you will recieve will be about your account. Personal information, including your email address, is not given to any 3rd parties, unless requested by law-enforcement or under other unusual circumstances. Please see the EQ Pixie Privacy Policy for legal details. Payments are made at PayPal's secure website. See the PayPal Privacy Policy concerning the information you give them.
Will I be billed automatically when my subscription expires?
No. Currently you will need to renew manually. Login and visit your Account page to renew or check your subscription status. In the future I will probably provide automatic renewal as an option for those that want it. I don't like when something automatically charges me so I'm not going to do that by default.
Why subscriptions instead of a one-time price?
Several reasons, which I believe benefit both me and the customer. EverQuest constantly changes and EQ Pixie will need updates (which is one reason I made EQ Pixie self updating). In addition I want to keep adding new features. EQ Pixie connects to it's server to look-up things like item prices for you, and although it takes very little bandwidth, it's not zero and bandwidth does cost money. Subscriptions provide me compensation for the on-going work and maintenance and allow the customer to get continuous updates, new features, and support.

Also, EverQuest is subscription based and you don't need EQ Pixie if you take a break from EQ. Just like EQ, you only pay for it when you use it. Unlike EQ, there is no large initial fee. I'm guessing that most people would rather pay the small subscription fee to start out with, instead of a larger fee up-front.
Firewall Tester
I also wrote a free, automatic firewall tester.

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