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EQ Pixie

 is a program that runs alongside EQ, staying in the background most of the time, although any of its windows can be set to stay on top of EQ if you wish. Pixie keeps track of a variety of things in the game, like loot and dps. It can notify you of important events. Most importantly, EQ Pixie contains a lot of tools to help make your gaming more fun.

For a complete list of all of Pixie's tools, with detailed descriptions, please see the Manual. Below are screenshots and descriptions of a few of Pixie's features, but this list is far from complete.

DPS Table
DPS Table
Updates in real-time. Resizable. Can remain visible while playing full-screen.
DPS Plot
Updates in real-time. Resizable. Can remain visible while playing full-screen. Pauses between fights (indicated by white dashed lines).
Items are automatically added to the loot list whenever an item is looted by you, your group, or your raid. Looking at the sample loot list it is obvious that Samwise was master looter. Apparently Gollum tried to make off with a Blue Diamond though. You could see that even easier if you clicked on the Looter column, which would sort by character name.

Whenever an item on your wish list is looted (or spotted on a trader in EQ1, or foraged in EQ2) you are notified in-game with a small alert. The item will also be marked in your loot and wish lists.

Game Windows - Switching & Boxing
NOTE - The resolutions shown below will be different for your system, depending on the resolution of your monitor(s). They are calculated on the fly based on your system settings. The screenshot below was on a test system with a 1024x768 main monitor and 640x480 secondary monitor.

Game Window Options for Switching and Boxing
Server Monitor
Server Monitor You can monitor the status of EverQuest 2 servers. You can watch the server list update automatically and optionally select a server to be notified about. When that server comes back up a sound is played and a message will pop up on your screen.
Pixie is fully customizable through its options. You do not need to edit any files.

All of the hotkeys are customizable. Simply click on one and press the new key combination for it.

Windows - Press this hotkey to switch to Windows. One key press takes care of everything to allow you to immediately start using Windows again, including releasing the mouse pointer.
EQ Pixie - This hotkey switches to Windows and makes sure EQ Pixie is in the foreground so you can use it.
EverQuest - Press this hotkey to switch back to EverQuest. You can also click on EverQuest on the Windows task bar.
EverQuest #2-#4 - If you want to run multiple instances of EQ on the same PC then these hotkeys will let you switch between them and Windows with a single stroke.
Away (Toggle) - Away mode alerts you when you receive a tell. It can automatically follow your AFK status or you can turn it on and off with this hotkey, or the button on the main control.
Panic / Boss On & Off - Completely hides all instances of EQ and Pixie with one keystroke. They completely disappear from the screen, the Windows task bar, and even the Alt-Tab and Application lists. A different keystroke is used to bring them back.
Reset All - Returns all the hotkeys to their default key strokes.

Informs you and alerts you while you play.

Copy Character Settings Tool
Easily copy your user interface customizations, including UI skins, from one character to another. In EQ1 you can also copy your friends, ignored people, and hotkeys. In EQ2 those seem to be saved on the server.

EQ Pixie updates itself when new releases are made. No re-installation needed.

Main Control
Main EQ Pixie Control
Firewall Tester
I also wrote a free, automatic firewall tester.

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