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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is greatly respected by EQ Pixie. I am anti-spam.

Any personal information you provide to EQ Pixie, such as name and email address, will only be used to reply specifically to your requests or messages. Information you enter will not be used for any other purpose, such as marketing. Typical information that is automatically gathered by the majority of web servers, such as your ip address and browser type, may be used for other purposes, such as compiling web site usage statistics. No personally identifiable information is ever released to any other parties, except in the following rare exceptions, and even then only as necessary.

Exceptions: This privacy policy does not apply to: 1) Anyone intentionally abusing EQ Pixie. 2) Anyone who is threatening or abusive, as determined by EQ Pixie. 3) Anyone who admits to illegal activities. 4) Any information requested by legal authorities. 5) Information you post in public areas, such as forums. Any other exceptions to this privacy policy will be prominently displayed on any web page where those exceptions apply.

Payment Information: Payments are made at PayPal's secure website (no PayPal account needed). EQ Pixie does not have access to your account number or bank information. The only personal information EQ Pixie receives is your name, the email address linked to your PayPal account (if you have one), and the shipping address you enter (please leave it blank). Please do not submit any payment information directly to EQ Pixie. For more information please see PayPal's Privacy Policy, particularly the section titled Disclosure to Other PayPal Customers, as well as PayPal's Security Center.

EQ Pixie shall not be held liable if any information is stolen from me or unintentionally released, as allowed by law. Every effort is made to keep EQ Pixie as secure as reasonably possible; after all my own information is at stake too!

This policy is subject to change without notice but will always apply to any information you provide now. Information supplied to EQ Pixie is subject to the privacy policy in effect at the time the information was provided.

Last update: Sept 10, 2005
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